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Éditions Lutanie is a Paris-based independent publisher founded by Manon Lutanie in 2009. Its publications are distributed by Les Presses du réel.

Rene Ricard - Love Poems
Faye Wei Wei - Portals
Zoë Lund - Poems
Rene Ricard - God with Revolver
Marianne Vitale - The World, the Flesh and the Devil
Faye Wei Wei - Hooker’s Green Lake
Walter De Maria - Interview with Paul Cummings
Rene Ricard - Rene Ricard 1979-1980
Virgil Vernier - Arcana 1, Arcana 2, Arcana 3
Michael Heizer - Sculpture in Reverse
Marianne Vitale, Théodore Fivel - Lost Marbles
Gilles Bonnecarrère - Male Dancers Wanted
Raphaele Godin - MMX
Tadashi Kawamata - Entretiens
Gordon Matta-Clark - Entretiens
Jean-Claude Lutanie - Protestation

Faye Wei Wei - Portals - Limited edition
Faye Wei Wei - Hooker's Green Lake - Limited edition
Gilles Bonnecarrère - Untitled

Essays and conversations
Stephanie LaCava and Manon Lutanie - Hot Ticket: A Film by Zoë Lund
Stephanie LaCava - Introduction to Poems, by Zoë Lund
Gerard Malanga in conversation with Manon Lutanie and Raymond Foye
Raymond Foye - Introduction to God with Revolver, by Rene Ricard
Patrick Fox - God's Cruelties
Rachel Valinsky - Introduction to Rene Ricard 1979-1980
Antoine Thirion - Hard Core, by Walter De Maria
Tadashi Kawamata in conversation with Cerise Fontaine

Press (selection)
The Brooklyn Rail
Purple Magazine
Another Magazine
Art Press
L’Officiel Hommes
The Third Rail Quarterly

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