Yassine "Yaze" Mekhnache’s work is suffused with considerations on personal and family history. Memory is understood not as a history that is written or told but, rather, as something mental that is experienced physically. Perhaps Yaze strives to paint memory: every recollection is a monad, one of these small multicoloured pith balls – soft and sealed – he paints relentlessly, and which seem each to contain a memory or impression.
Manon Lutanie, 2010

Lyfe is the first monograph on the work of Yassine Mekhnache.

Yassine Mekhnache

Published in May 2011
Printed in Germany
500 copies
21 x 27 cm, 8.3 x 10.6 in, 170 pages
Bilingual edition (French, English)
ISBN: 978-2-918685-02-9

Editorial coordination: Marine Morin
Graphic design: Eps51

Out of print