But a time came, as it does to everyone, when I lost my way thematically. I didn't know what I wanted to draw, I had no subjects. (...) It occured to me that: (...) it seemed to me that the structural support of the canvas, i.e. the wooden frame, could itself become the basis of a work.
Tadashi Kawamata, 1987

Éditions Lutanie presents a collection of five interviews with Tadashi Kawamata, four of them now translated into French for the first time.

Tadashi Kawamata
Translated from the English by Raphaëlle Brin, Cerise Fontaine and Olivier Reneau

Published in February 2013
Printed in France
1000 copies
18 x 11,1 cm, 7 x 4.4 in, 128 pages
French edition
ISBN: 978-2-918685-05-0
Price: €14 + shipping costs

Editorial coordination: Manon Lutanie, Cerise Fontaine, Raphaëlle Brin
Graphic design: Manon Lutanie

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