I like to blur the edges between natural and artificial, real and fictional. I seek out that space where the reality of the photographed object, as well as the image itself, becomes uncertain: is it a set, a real landscape, or a painting?
Dune Varela, entretien, 2012

A series of twenty-five photographs, published with a conversation between Dune Varela and Manon Lutanie, translated into English by Anne Appathurai.

Impalas, lycaons
Dune Varela

Published in January 2012
Printed in Belgium
600 copies
20 x 14 cm, 8 x 5.5 in, 72 pages
Bilingual edition (French, English)
ISBN: 978-2-918685-03-6

Graphic design: Manon Lutanie & Dune Varela

La Vignette - France Culture

Out of print